'Wilson' - Back in Stock

Designed in collaboration with Chippa Wilson the ‘Wilson’ pays homage to the yesteryear, a refined design from that era utilizing sleek contemporary design.

Epokhe present 'Visitors'

An ongoing video series logging surfs around the hometowns of the Epokhe team. Watch episode #001 now - Macy pulls Jaleesa away from her veggie patch to surf the heart of Gold Coast ‘core’ D’Bah.

Epokhe creates its own atmosphere through premium eyewear. We approach the world with an art-first philosophy and celebrate this through product design and highlighting these designs through creative films and photography. We are always inspired by the environments and locations we experience on the road and make eyewear that thrive in these “external worlds”.


Transport yourself with Frequency, a frame designed in collaboration with Austyn Gillette that pays homage to the booming pop culture of the 1950s.