SMALL TALK : We Chat With Dion Agius

by Lorisa Habib

Photographer, Nick Green and Epokhe co-founder/professional surfer Dion Agius caught up one afternoon, not too dissimilar from most in their current residence of Tasmania, Australia and documented a rather normal day for the pair. Currently, making their way up the East Coast of Australia with the Epokhe Team for a well-overdue team surf trip, we thought we’d pick up the phone and talk all things recent. 


Ø Hey D, heard you’re on the road with the Epokhe Team and a few photographers in tow. 

D Yeah, Greeny and I are currently on a trip up the East Coast of Australia meeting the Epokhe Team in an undisclosed location. He and I are driving up the coast from Tassie and planning to make it up to the Epokhe offices in Byron.

Ø Nice! You guys seem to be spending your days together, how’d you meet?

D I met Greeny in Tassie 4-5 years ago when I first moved down this way. We’d hang out and take a few snaps along the way. There’s not a lot of waves down here but we go out and adventure.

Ø How’s the trip going?

D Yeah, great. It’s been well overdue to get the Team together and Kai pulled the trigger to go to this location. Greeny and I have met the Team, the surfs been good to us and then we’ll make our way all the way up and down. 

Ø Huge trip sounds like there are big things coming. Any projects on the cards?

D For this trip Greeny has been working alongside Respondek, Epokhes main surf photographer. They both have different styles which has given us an amazing take on the trip from two different perspectives. We have a few projects up our sleeves once the trip is over and we compile the footage. 

Ø Can’t wait to see what the team comes up with. Best leave you to it to enjoy the surf! Keep us posted! 



Dion wears his signature frame with EPØKHE, the SZEX.
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