'Visitors' - Ep.#001 Feat Jaleesa & Macy

An ongoing video series logging surfs around the hometowns of the Epokhe team. Watch episode #001 now - Macy pulls Jaleesa away from her veggie patch to surf the heart of Gold Coast ‘core’ D’Bah.

‘Vacuum’ - A lo-fi surf film by Kai Neville presented by Epokhe.

‘Vacuum’ the latest visual portrait from director Kai Neville, offers a captivating visual collage of the Epokhe surf team. Collected from various locations around the globe, these clips provide a kaleidoscopic depiction of their world. Shot primarily around beloved home breaks, the film captures iconic footage of the team in action. While showcasing familiar faces, the film also introduces fresh talent, punctuated by a reverent tribute to the previously unseen archives of OCCY, thoughtfully curated by Jack McCoy. ‘Vacuum’ is a sensory banquet of surf action.

Stereo x Eithan Osborne

Recently, we spent a day with the Ventura native, capturing moments of him inhaling burritos, nailing slob airs in beach break junk, and taking cues from the boss, Dane Reynolds, in his boutique surf shop 'Chapter 11’. As a welcome addition to the Epokhe family, Eithan brings an atmosphere saturated with surf froth and fun, embodying the spirit of this collaboration.

Epokhe presents Jack Freestone 'Reprise'

In collaboration with Jack Freestone, Epokhe Eyewear present a romantic extension of our infamous frame ‘Reprise’.
Jack, a globally recognised surfer who is carving out a new direction around lifestyle through vibrant travel, board experimentation,
well-being and performance.

EPØKHE present 'Ceremony'

Epokhe present ‘Ceremony’ a new short film by Kai Neville featuring Craig Anderson.

Unfazed by isolation and in a celebration of solitude, Craig quiets the sound of daily minutia with ceremonial treks into the deserted unknown. Craig Anderson’s ‘Ceremony’ celebrates the luxury of silence and a desire to disappear into the lonely landscapes in search for rare and isolated waves to ride.

GUILTY II - The Shaun Manners Part.

EPOKHE presents 'Guilty' Pt. 2. The second release of our signature frame designed alongside Shaun Manners (@badmanners_).
The release hosts original colour-ways black & bone and for the first time injects polished tortoise into the collection.
‘Guilty' is a project born out yonder by the Western Australian native with an emphasis on being young, guilt-free and embracing now, both in style and manner.
To accompany the ‘Guilty’ Pt. 2 collection drop we present a full length video part featuring Shaun.


(Pt 1. The Chippa Wilson Part)
A new EPØKHE surf film by Kai Neville.
Enter the external cerebrum.

'Listen Now, Misty Dawn'. A feature surfing film from EPØKHE

A full length surf film by Kai Neville.
A conceptual portrait following the EPØKHE surf team. The film blends parts & location based jaunts through Australia & Indonesia.

Starring Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Chippa Wilson, Taj Burrow & Shaun Manners.

'Beauty Pockets II'

The first ever trip the EPOKHE surf family found themselves on was a quick dash down Pacific HWY. It ended on the south coast of Australia. It became an annual gathering known as Beauty Pockets. Again we hit the same highway. Spend 7 days hunting south swells, bars, landscapes, isolation, the unexpected…anything that makes you stop and pull the camera out. Back on the road Dion, Mitch & Creed surfing this strange but beautiful coastline. The ocean was blue, the snow white. The air cold and victorian bitter so, so cold. We told a lot of stories. Don't remember any of them. Spent our money. Less office, more journey. The world is a fucked up place with pockets of beauty.

A short by Kai Neville.

Filmed by Kai Neville & Blake Myers.

Water Cinematography by Talon Clemow.

Additional footage by Shane Fletcher.

Beauty Pockets. A short surfing film from EPØKHE.

'Beauty Pockets' is the first surf short from Epokhe.
The Pacific HWY played host. Strange things happen on the road, strange but beautiful. The view from a car window is hypnotic. A quick bolt from the Epokhe HQ in Byron Bay and the team found waves in the South Coast of Australia. The Signing just months prior of Epokhe ambassador Creed McTaggart saw the team in need of some bonding. The Highway, a place where conversation is required. 7 days on the road, a small south swell, Big cities, bars, landscapes, isolation, lunatics and talents…anything that makes you stop and pull the camera out.