'Visitors' - Ep.#001 Feat Jaleesa & Macy

'Visitors'- An ongoing video series logging surfs around the hometowns of the Epokhe team. Episode #001 Macy pulls Jaleesa away from her veggie patch to the heart of Gold Coast 'core' D'Bah.

‘Vacuum’ - A lo-fi surf film by Kai Neville presented by Epokhe.

‘Vacuum’ the latest visual portrait from director Kai Neville, offers a captivating visual collage of the Epokhe surf team. Collected from various locations around the globe, these clips provide a kaleidoscopic depiction of their world. Shot primarily around beloved home breaks, the film captures iconic footage of the team in action. While showcasing familiar faces, the film also introduces fresh talent, punctuated by a reverent tribute to the previously unseen archives of OCCY, thoughtfully curated by Jack McCoy. ‘Vacuum’ is a sensory banquet of surf action.

EPØKHE, in collaboration with Jack Freestone present ‘Reprise’.

EPØKHE eyewear, in collaboration with Jack Freestone present a romantic extension of our infamous frame ‘Reprise’. Jack a globally recognised surfer who is carving out a new direction around lifestyle through vibrant travels, board experimentation, well-being and performance.

Thanks to this partnership, this exclusive version of Reprise benefits from the finest Bio-Acetate and adorned with Jack's custom Rose insignia eloquently placed on each arm.

EPØKHE present 'Reprise'

'Reprise' is an androgynous frame for the non-conformist. Built around distorted design cues expressing pre-teen nostalgic angst.
REPRISE both black and tortoise is built from the finest handmade materials using Bio Acetate. Bio Acetate affords products a lavish and exclusive feel of a natural material, allowing for the design and creation of environmentally friendly, unique and distinctive sunglasses.

EPØKHE & Evan Mock present 'Suede'

EPØKHE eyewear in collaboration with Evan Mock presents Suede.

A frame built on exotic atmospheres - from balmy island beaches to downtown NYC grit. Evan has created a frame that evokes a lifestyle. Suede’s silhouette prompts the soft flowing contours of waves creating a shape that captures the 60s beatnik sub-style. Produced in 4 unique contemporary colour-ways that are distinct to Evans's style and personality from sun-drenched days swept into blurred evenings. Suede is built from the finest handmade materials adorned with Evans custom iconic starfish Jewell positioned eloquently on each arm. This unisex beautifully balanced frame is for everyone from Avenue A to Banzai.

EPØKHE present 'Trinity'

Join the rebellion and step into the hypokinetic simulation of Trinity.

A collision of anarchism & psychedelic cyberspace with a touch of glam - Introducing TRINITY, the newest addition to the Epokhe collection. Designed by professional free surfer, musician, tap dancer & artist of many mediums, Jaleesa Vincent. Press play! Voodoo Child by The Prodigy blares through your speakers; a vortex erupts from your television, transporting you to a futuristic, virtual reality. Trinity is an unapologetic design brimming with enigmatic depictions of a neo-noir genre.

EPØKHE present 'Ceremony'

Epokhe present ‘Ceremony’ a new short film by Kai Neville featuring Craig Anderson.

Unfazed by isolation and in a celebration of solitude, Craig quiets the sound of daily minutia with ceremonial treks into the deserted unknown. Craig Anderson’s ‘Ceremony’ celebrates the luxury of silence and a desire to disappear into the lonely landscapes in search for rare and isolated waves to ride.